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What is Ankra?

Ankra is a platform that allows developers to build, deploy, and manage their applications both in the cloud and on-premises, all from a single interface. It provisions production-grade Kubernetes clusters ready for use in 30 minutes, and also allows for importing existing clusters. Once a cluster is connected, developers can deploy their applications and manage the application lifecycle using Ankra's proprietary CI/CD solution. This solution is built to provide a standardized interface for defining how applications are deployed and managed.

The core purpose of Ankra is to reduce time spent on infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on what they love - their code.

Why Ankra?

When developers build an application, there are several things to consider such as dependencies, networking, security, monitoring, observability, deployment and the overall management of the applications lifecycle. This can be a daunting task for developers, especially when they are not familiar with the infrastructure and all its intricate components. Ankra helps developers by abstracts the complexity of the infrastructure into a self service single pane of glass, speeding up the time it takes to get to market and reducing the failure rate of deployment.

Depending on the industry, the application the developers is building may have to meet a complex set of compliance requirements, such as, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and others. Ankra helps developers meet these requirements by providing a compliance overview.

How is Ankra different?

Ankra is different from other platforms because it is built to be agnostic to the underlying infrastructure. This means that developers can use Ankra to deploy their applications to any cloud provider, on-premises, or hybrid cloud. Ankra also provides a standardized interface for deploying applications, which means that developers can deploy their applications to any Kubernetes cluster, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. This allows developers to focus on their application, not the infrastructure.

Common Questions

What if I already use Github?
No problem! Ankra integrates with Github, and Bitbucket (Gitlab coming soon). This means that developers can continue to use their existing repository providers, while still benefiting from the power of Ankra.

What if I have existing Kubernetes clusters?
Ankra allows developers to import existing Kubernetes clusters, any imported cluster will gain the insight capabilities of Ankra. And yes! you can still deploy your applications to these clusters.

What if I have existing CI/CD pipelines?
As of today, Ankra doesn't support importing existing pipelines in to the platform. However, Ankra provides a standardized interface for deploying applications, which means that developers can get up and going quickly with Ankra's CI/CD solution. If you want to speak with us about importing your existing pipelines, please contact us.