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Welcome to Ankra

Discover Ankra

Empower your cloud infrastructure with ANKRA's automated Kubernetes and cloud architecture solutions. Dive deep into our seamless approach for creating, managing, and optimizing your Kubernetes environments across any cloud provider.

Discover ANKRA

ANKRA revolutionizes cloud architecture with fully automated solutions for cloud and Kubernetes, ensuring your infrastructure is built to last and easy to manage. With ANKRA, experience:

  • Universal Kubernetes Environments: Deploy anywhere, with ease.
  • Full Automation: From creation to maintenance, we've got you covered.
  • Transparent Ownership: Your infrastructure, your rules.

Dive into our architecture solutions:

Essential Add-ons for Your Cluster

Enhance your Kubernetes clusters with ANKRA's curated add-ons, designed to support your applications and maintain their reliability:

  • Prometheus & Grafana: For in-depth monitoring and visualization.
  • Cert-Manager & cloud-EBS-CSI: For security and storage optimization.

The Value of Automation and Maintenance

ANKRA's approach to automation and maintenance offers profound benefits for organizations:

Product Stability

With ANKRA, resources are continuously monitored and maintained, which translates to higher product stability. Automated health checks and updates ensure that the infrastructure supporting your application is always in an optimal state, reducing the likelihood of downtime and service disruptions.

Time Savings

Manual tracking and maintenance of cloud resources can be immensely time-consuming. ANKRA's automation frees up valuable time for your team, eliminating the need for repetitive, manual tasks associated with infrastructure management.

Reduced Need for Specialized DevOps Roles

By handling the complexities of resource tracking and maintenance, ANKRA reduces the necessity for hiring specialized DevOps personnel. This democratization of infrastructure management means that smaller teams or teams with limited DevOps expertise can still achieve high levels of operational efficiency and security.

Focusing on Your Vision

Freed from the intricacies of infrastructure management, your development team can allocate more time and resources to what truly matters - your company's vision. This shift in focus allows for faster innovation, quicker time-to-market for new features, and an overall more agile response to market demands.

Streamlining Development and Reducing OPEX with ANKRA

ANKRA's automation and best practices significantly streamline development workflows and reduce operational expenses by:

  • Automating Repetitive Tasks: ANKRA automates the provisioning, scaling, and management of Kubernetes clusters, freeing up development teams to focus on building features rather than managing infrastructure.
  • Optimizing Resource Utilization: Through intelligent monitoring and scaling, ANKRA ensures you're only using (and paying for) the resources you need, when you need them.
  • Reducing Downtime: Our proactive monitoring and automated recovery processes mean issues are identified and resolved quickly, reducing costly downtime.
  • Enhancing Developer Productivity: By providing standardized environments and automated workflows, developers can get environments up and running quickly and consistently, accelerating development cycles.
  • Lowering Learning Curve: ANKRA abstracts away the complexity of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure management, allowing teams to leverage these powerful platforms without requiring deep expertise in every underlying technology.

ANKRA's approach not only accelerates development but also significantly reduces the total cost of ownership for cloud-native infrastructure, delivering both top-line growth through faster time-to-market and bottom-line savings through operational efficiencies.

Getting Started

Get started with Ankra by following the Getting Started guide.