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Clusters in ANKRA

At the heart of the ANKRA platform lie Kubernetes clusters, pivotal in orchestrating containerized applications. These clusters embody the Kubernetes environments that users aim to establish and oversee through ANKRA.


ANKRA enhances Kubernetes clusters with add-ons, pivotal for extending functionality. These Kubernetes-compatible resources, once integrated into a cluster, amplify its capabilities by introducing essential services such as monitoring, logging, and advanced networking. Utilize add-ons to embed sophisticated monitoring solutions like Prometheus or logging mechanisms such as Fluentd, thereby elevating the operational efficiency of your clusters.

Cluster Types

ANKRA currently facilitates the creation and management of Kubernetes clusters on AWS, utilizing VM-based nodes. These virtual machines act as the primary computational backbone for the clusters, offering a blend of flexibility and scalability. This design choice allows ANKRA to cater to a broad spectrum of deployment scenarios, from on-premises setups to potential future expansions across various cloud environments.

Supported Cloud Providers

  • AWS: ANKRA's integration with AWS forms the foundation for its cluster architecture, leveraging AWS's robust infrastructure to deliver scalable and flexible Kubernetes environments.

For an in-depth exploration of how ANKRA's clusters integrate with AWS, including architectural details and setup instructions, refer to the AWS architecture section. Additionally, guidance on configuring AWS credentials for use with ANKRA can be found on the AWS credentials page.