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Cloud Architecture Eco-System

This page outlines the AWS resources Ankra utilizes and its architecture for building agnostic Kubernetes clusters. Focused on practical implementation, it offers developers a clear understanding of how Ankra integrates with AWS to enhance cloud infrastructure management.

AWS Architecture

Ankra's architecture on AWS adheres to industry best practices, focusing on high availability, security, and resilience across regions. Users can select between production-grade clusters for robust performance or developer-focused clusters optimized for cost efficiency and resource accessibility.

Production Cluster Architecture: archiect

AWS Resources Utilized by Ankra

An Ankra Cluster integrates with various AWS resources to construct a robust cloud infrastructure:

IAM Policy: Manages permissions for AWS resources, ensuring secure access control.
VPC (Virtual Private Cloud): Provides network isolation for enhanced security.
Elastic IPs: Assigns public IP addresses for NAT Gateways and Bastion hosts, facilitating network accessibility.
Keypair: Enables secure remote access authorization.
Subnets: Establishes private and public network segments across availability zones.
NAT Gateway: Acts as a network gateway for private subnets.
Internet Gateway: Facilitates connectivity for public networks.
Security Groups: Functions as a firewall, regulating network traffic for enhanced security.
Routing Tables: Defines network routing rules for efficient data transfer paths.
Elastic Block Storage (EBS): Offers network-based storage solutions, compatible with both instances and Kubernetes pod storage.